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- INTEGRATION - Get our cloud telephony solution, SmartSwitch integrated with our Solution based on Skype for Business, SmartCom.

About us


IPNexia is the best-in-class Integroperator™ enabling converged IP solutions for the business market.

We want to meet all B2B communication needs: Our range of services target responsible growth in networks, telephony, mobility, collaboration, IT services, Telecom services and large projects. IPNexia has 50 people staff over 2 offices in Diegem and Ghent.

We serve over 6500 business customers.


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Because Success runs through IP, IPNexia has chosen to be THE IP Convergence enabler….

IPNexia enables every individual to contribute to business success. We can help you maximize the productivity of your company and your people; we turn telecom technology into high performing tools:
We bring you the infrastructure, resources and agility your organization needs.


Executive Team

Michel Coric

Chief Executive Officer

Specialized in the Telecom since almost 20 years, Michel Coric has been working in several companies such as IBM/AT&T, British Telecom. He was also the Group CTO & Professional Services Director Easynet (a BSkyB company) from 2005 till 2010. Michel Coric was appointed as IPNexia CEO in May 2011.

With a Master Degree in Moral Philosophy obtained in ULB, Michel Coric has also several certifications or specializations in Telecommunication, Finance or Management.
Represented by Rhizomes Consulting.

Jean-Luc Petit

Chief Officer Legal & Regulatory

Graduate in Law and in Financial Management with more than 20 years of experience in General, Finance and Legal management, in Finance and Telecom sectors and in multi-language environment.
Represented by Vyniad sprl.

Management Team

Benjamin Cantillo

Director, Finance

Graduated in Economic Sciences & Majored in European and International Economics and management - More than 7 years experience in Finance in Telecom Sector. Benjamin Cantillo oversees all Financial matters for the IPNexia Group.

Mohammed Kabbouri

Director, Technology

Industrial Engineer with 20 years of experience in Telecom Sector. Mohammed Kabbouri is leading all the technical developments within IPNexia. He is our specialist in traditional Voice, VoIP, VoIP network infrastructure, products, and service delivery. He provides expertise to various internal functions on circuit and soft-switch technologies.
Represented by Bill IT SPRL.

Wouter Troost

Director, Operations

Started as IT Engineer, building 10 years of field experience for a large POS terminal provider in Belgium. Continued career elsewhere managing multi-language Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing projects for large accounts in the telecom and IT industry. Hired at IPNexia as Service Manager for large accounts and Service Delivery Manager for Service Desk and Desk Side activities. Currently oversees the day-to-day Operations.

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  • March: creation of Toledo Telecom by Marc Toledo, providing telephony services to residential and SME market.


  • Entrance of new Shareholders.
  • January: launch of external growth strategy with the acquisition of:
    • The client base of the telephony department of the Royal Federation of the Belgian Office of Notary.
    • 1,800 clients of Tele-West in the segments corporate, SME and professions.
    • The client base of Info Telecom (Octogone, a concept centered around outsourced telecom management).
    • A 24.9% equity stake in Phonext (VoIP telephony).


  • January: acquisition of Phone-Plus, a subsidiary of Telenet.


  • Capital increase of EUR 1.9m.
  • September: acquisition of Sun Telecom.
  • September: sale of PABX department to Sencit.
  • December : merger of Phone-Plus and Sun Telecom with the parent company.


  • January: Acquisition of the Easynet B2B customer base (xDSL).
  • April: Acquisition of the remaining stake of Phonext.


  • December: Acquisition of 10% stake in a VoIP company in France.


  • May: Start of Business transformation with arrival of new CEO, Michel Coric.
  • June: Acquisition of Sysnetsud (Openweb).
  • December: New Shareholding Structure.


  • January: Signature of new MVNO contract with Proximus.
  • February: Sales of Residential Business to Billi.
  • May: Increase stake in VoIP company in France to 25%.
  • May: Name change to IPNexia.
  • November: IPNexia signs it largest MVNO deal (900 SIM cards).


  • June: Move to new offices in Diegem
  • September: VoIP Carrier-Grade Infrastructure with SBC in place (Failover between 2 Datacenters).


  • July: Acquisition of Unified Telecom.
  • September: First VoIP International Wholesale deal signed.
  • December: Largest VoIP Project deployed for the Brussels Police (ZP 5344).


  • January: Signature of the first International ICT deal (outsourced to IPNexia).
  • November: Reinforcement of the IPNexia backbone infrastructure with geo-redundancy and MPLS configuration.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are a major transformation for the business world. IPNexia supports and assists you with this change of technology and recommends the architecture that truly meets your needs. Results: more flexibility and productivity, lower maintenance costs.

Our virtualization solutions enable your organization to access your applications and services, anywhere and anytime. With IPNexia's expertise you can distribute and deploy a virtual infrastructure in any context, with the assurance that your 'cloud' will be secure, mirrored, scalable and adapted to your company.
  • Our IP Centrex VoIP solution
  • Your central exchange (PBX) is hosted in our cloud
  • All this completly managed by IPNexia
More infos...

  • Our Unified Communication solution based on  Microsoft Skype for Business together with the IPNexia telephony expertise allowing you to call any number worldwide!
More infos...

  • Get our cloud telephony solution, SmartSwitch integrated with our Solution based on Skype for Business, SmartCom.

  • IPNexia converts your PC and Browser into a fax device.
  • Dedicated DID is assigned to send & receive faxes.
  • Receive in your mailbox fax send to your DID.
  • Send faxes using the Windows print function (all applications) or using a web browser on any device (PDF only).

  • E-mail Services product based on Microsoft Exchange (Outloook based).
  • Hosted Multi Tenant Exchange.
  • Integrated in SmartDesk via outlook client.
  • Access via local installed outlook client.
  • Access via web interface.

  • Virtual Desktop product based on Citrix.
  • Load balancing over multiple servers / datacenters.
  • Windows 7 shell.
  • Access to local drives.
  • Access to SmartDrive.
  • USB redirection.
  • Supports customer specific applications.

  • Web Storage based on Windows Sharepoint.
  • Integrated in SmartDesk.
  • Sophisticated Site collections or SmartDrive template.
  • Offline synchronisation.

  • Virtual servers offer based on VMware technology (fully secure, redundant and scalable).
  • Distributed over 3 data-centers in Belgium, fully redundant.
  • Flexible configuration of CPU, Mem, HD-space.
  • 6h snapshots supporting server/data recovery.
  • Extra options available: Anti-virus, monitoring, alerting, ...
  • Directly connected to IPNexia InterNet & PrivateNet service assuring end-to-end management between clients & servers.

IPNexia SmartCom is a unified communication solution offering the Microsoft Skype for Business product.

With Skype for Business, you will be able to call any kind of number worldwide (Fixed or Mobile). You will also be able to receive calls to your attributed number (also called DID). Additionally, SmartCom will help you reduce your travelling & lodging expenses, increase your mobility and decrease both your TCO and inefficiencies.

SmartCom ensures fully secured calls and is a suitable solution for a company of any size.

SmartCom brings it all together

Fixed phone
Mobile Phone
Video conferencing
Desktop sharing
File sharing
Integration with the other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Outlook
Get more information on Skype for Business from the Official Microsoft web site.

IPNexia SmartSwitch solution is an IP Centrex solution, which means that your Telephone Exchange is hosted in the Cloud and is managed by IPNexia.

It allows professionals to connect IP Telephones from a wide choice of manufacturers and have easy access to a very large number of innovative unified communication services. In addition, IPNexia offers a state-of-the-art technology and brings to the market a unique way of delivering, monitoring and providing maintenance for final customers. With a large number of functions supplied by SmartSwitch, the solution targets several customer types, from the SOHO user to large businesses.

Main advantages of the SmartSwitch solution:

A cloud hosted telephone exchange managed by IPNexia
Removal of telephone exchange related maintenance costs
HD quality calls
Always at the latest updates
Communication cost reduction from using Voice over IP (VoIP)
More flexibility
A multitude of free functions
Increased security
Self-provisioning of telephones
A professional service that adapts to your needs
An easy to use management interface
Quality equipment tested by IPNexia

Mobile Solutions

IPNexia is the largest MVNO in Belgium dedicated to the B2B Market.

IPNexia MobileFlex is a mobile service offering for business customers. It supports all mobile services like Voice, Data (3G,4G), SMS, MMS both within the home network in Belgium and/or when roaming on partner mobile networks abroad.

With IPNexia MobileFlex, we offer a transparent Mobile solution where what you pay is what you really use.


Our prices are calculated at Company level and we focus on your overall SIM card traffic volume.There are no packs or other commercial obligations defined at the level of the individual SIM cards.

IPNexia offers a flexible & competitive pricing model oriented towards B2B.
We also offer flexible "split-billing" support for business versus personal usage.

Our focus on company level, not on individual SIM-card level means:
  • More than 40 % savings on average compared to pack offers.
  • Free fleet offer and/or high discounts for any spending more than 500 euro/month.
  • Permanent low tariffs for International & Roaming traffic.

Professional Services

IPNexia proposes a professional approach to auditing, designing, rolling out and optimizing your infrastructure (WAN, LAN, Hosting, virtualization).

IPNexia offers the full suite of Professional Services from the study of your requirements and the design of your solution, until its implementation. IPNexia services include: audit, infrastructure design and integration, provision of professional resources dedicated to your project, advising and monitoring, guarantees on clarity, expertise, and efficiency.


When you entrust IPNexia with your infrastructure and your connectivity, we manage your voice, data and video networks, your mobile solutions, your IT services, and your security services. This leaves your staff free to concentrate on your organization's more strategic objectives.

IPNexia's Professional Services teams support companies and their administration by giving them the best advice in the devising and design of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure. The first priority for our Professional Services experts is to get to know you and study your company's objectives and priorities.

From the audit to the consideration of your business objectives and financial constraints, our range of consultancy services will provide you with a totally objective view of the situation of your network. Having studied the needs and requirements of their clients, our Professional Services consultants will provide costings for a personalized solution. We aim to create the optimum communications infrastructure that will satisfy your requirements in the short, medium, and long term.

Our expertise and savoir-faire enable us to devise and deploy the perfect telecommunication or virtualization solution for your company.

Our solutions are designed to fulfill our clients' current requirements and to provide continuous improvement to their quality of service: performance monitoring, security testing, anticipative and proactive problem solving, in accordance with your SLA.

Specific Areas

  • WAN IP infrastructure.
  • VoIP & UC equipment & solutions.
  • IT Virtualization.
  • VoIP related security in the LAN and WAN domain.
  • DECT & Wi-Fi solutions.
  • Telecom expense management.


We offer various types of agreements:
  • Ad-hoc or on request per hour services.
  • Equipment related maintenance agreement.
  • IPNexia PS-Packs: Pre-paid bundle of hours that can be used when needed.
These options are related to various types of services:
  • Pure Consultancy.
  • Telecom Audits.
  • Project Management.
  • Field Services.
  • Service Management.

IP Connectivity

With our different IP connectivity offers, you can build your network with IPNexia in a fully transparent way using various services like fiber, VPN, Ethernet, DSL…

All our managed connectivity offers are VoIP or Cloud compatible.


  • High quality connection with the Internet (static or dynamic IP addresses).
  • End-to-end managed connectivity with other IPNexia IP-based services.
  • Access via xDSL, Ethernet or Fiber.

Private Net

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN offer).
  • Any-to-any private connectivity.
  • Separated network from Internet (optional secured break-out can be provided).
  • MPLS backbone, 3 types of traffic prioritization supported.
  • Layer 2 offer also available.

VoIP Trunk

  • VoIP Solution, where your telephony and unified communication are delivered trough an IP connectivity connected to your Telephone exchange (PBX)
More infos...

IPNexia VoIP Trunk solution allows the customer to connect an IP compatible central exchange (IP PBX)

You are then able to make high quality, international or national, calls and towards all type of devices, mobile or fixed. All kind of numbers can be connected. Thanks to our VoIP Trunk solution, you will benefit from advantageous prices while keeping control on your central exchange on site. Furthermore, your solution is highly secure thanks to our infrastructure design, and many insurance on the availability of the solution with the redundancy of our lines and with deviation options (failover)

Main advantages of the VoIP Trunk solution:

Costs reduction on communication
High quality call
Fully secure solution thanks to our infrastructure (SBC, redundancy, Premium Line)
A Premium Line dedicated to the voice
Total flexibility with integration of Gateway
Deviation options
A professional services that helps you in the configuration of your solution and then in the maintenance of your solution
Monitoring & alarming system

Conference Solutions

Our Video-Conferencing or Web-conferencing services provide a high-quality, secure and seamless solution for communication regardless of distance or location.


  • Best in class HD Video conference bridge solution.
  • Supports HD video point to point, multipoint, conference and streaming inside a group and if needed more than 1000 users with recording capabilities.
  • Makes use of standardized protocols and is as such compatible with many edge devices like Polycom, Cisco, etc…
  • Soft-clients for smartphones and PC support easy access to the conference service, for any user at any location.


  • Our Voice conference bridge solution allows users to dial-in on a common number delivered by IPNexia and start a conference-call.
  • Dial-in numbers can be toll-free numbers like 0800 or geographical numbers in more than 40 different countries.
  • Free dial-in for SmartCom & SmartSwitch users.
  • Can be offered as a permanent solution or as an occasional on-request solution.
  • Our pricing is based on the number of users allowed in the conference and the duration of the conference.


On top of our Services, we supply, configure and maintain any equipment needed to complete your integrated converged solutions.


  • Our catalogue offers equipment from small low cost modems & phones up to high value video conference or on-site PABX equipment.
  • A leasing agreement can be facilitated for high cost equipment.
  • IPNexia already delivers and supports various types of customer devices like Cisco, Aastra, Snom, LifeSize, Grandstream.


Financing of your investments:
Leasing and Renting

  • Choice for (full) OPEX instead of CAPEX.
  • High one-time payment translated into low monthly installments.
  • Finance periods up to 5 years.
All types of investments in equipment, software and services.
Multi-bank: best interest rates.
>3k euro: insurance included (fire, water damage ...).


Why become a partner?

Differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering the highest level of telecom services. Increase your business potential in a simple and profitable way.

IPNexia offers different types of partnerships like Partner Referral, Reselling Partner, Value Added Reseller or Wholesale Partner.
The Partner Value Chain

Partnership schemas
Who can become a Partner?

  • Telecom advisors.
  • ICT/Telecom Integrators.
  • Cloud resellers or – application developers.
  • Mobile operators.
  • Telecom agents/resellers.
  • SOHO/SME Retailers.
  • PBX/Telecom/ICT Vendors.
Being a Partner Referral:

  • Referral partner contract.
  • Referral partner brings on 'hot' leads.
  • IPNexia direct sales skipping prospection/cold calling.
  • Feedback on customer's type of interest.
  • Does first introduction to prospect customers.
  • Optionally attends first IPNexia introductory meeting.
  • No further involvement in consequent phases (sales, delivery, finance, etc).
  • Contractual/financial relation with IPNexia.
  • Receives a % based finder's fee, recurrent and non-recurrent, during duration of customer contract.
Being a Reselling Partner:

  • Agent contract (specific legal framework) proposed to the Referral partner.
  • Referral partner is in charge of full sales cycle: from prospection to closing.
  • With the the support of an IPNexia Account Manager – Indirect (AMI):
    • Supports where/when necessary in front of customer (typically project/offer development/presentation).
    • Liaise to IPNexia back office (Co-op with Sales Support).
    • No further involvement in consequent post-sales phases (finance, support, etc).
  • Contractual/financial relation with IPNexia.
  • Receives a % based commission on recurrent and non-recurrent sales during duration of customer contract.
Being a Value Added Reseller:

  • In mutual agreement:
    • Sells selected IPNexia Solutions & Services.
    • Adds own 'value' in form of products, solutions & services.
    • Typical split between HW/Install/Config (VAR) and Services (IPNexia).
  • Same format as Reseller, except:
    • Agent contract with clear definition of IPNexia and VAR roles and responsibilities.
    • VAR responsible for integration of IPNexia offer with own offer (with support of AMI).
    • Split according to IPNexia and VAR contribution: contract, Invoicing, Post-sales support.
Being a Wholesale Partner:

  • IPNexia 'sells' specific products, solutions, services to the wholesale partner (IPNexia = Enabler).
  • Wholesale partner 'white labels':
    • In own look-n-feel.
    • In own format or copy of IPNexia format.
    • With own pricing level and structure.
    • Contractual relations:
      • Between IPNexia and Wholesale partner.
      • Wholesale partner with customer (no relation between IPNexia and customer).
  • Partner assumes full customer facing responsibility (sales, support, etc).
  • Not commission based but 'discount/purchase price based'.


Some of our 6.500 B2B clients ...
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Credit 2000 ICG logo Mercuri logo Trevi logo Engel Volkers logo Greenpeace logo Teleflex logo
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Some of our partners...

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IPNexia (Diegem)
Kouterveldstraat, 2 (first floor)
1831 Diegem - Belgium

IPNexia (Ghent)
Xavier De Cocklaan 70
9831 Sint-Martens-Latem - Belgium

BE 0462.900.331 - Brussels RPR

Legal notice:

From Belgium, toll free:
0800 35 000 (by fixed)
0800 40 600 (by mobile)

From rest of world, fixed tariff:
+32 2 648 08 48

What is the purpose of your contact?


Great Services, Great Company, Great People …… Join us and become part of our growing business !

IPNexia is constantly looking to recruit talented telecom specialists. From Field Engineer to Account Managers and from Technical Service Assurance Agents to VoIP Specialists ….. We offer more than just a job!

Please send your CV and motivation letter to

IPNexia is looking for a 2nd line Engineer.

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the design and implementation of Unified Communication products and any other related services and setups.
  • Assist in full or part for day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting of production systems, internally and externally.
  • Maintenance of the Voice Technology infrastructure and related areas/network. Assists in keeping the networks/software and infrastructure fully operational and up or ahead to industrial standards. Assists in ensuring full 24/7/365 service continuity and stability. Marks problem areas in pro-active fashion in regards to service risk, service interruptions, required monitoring and alert systems and provides recommendations and/or suggested solutions or improvement suggestions.
  • Stays on top of industry technologic developments and evolutions.
  • Active role the TIER-2 escalation team for all customer deployed products and related issues originating from TIER-1 in order to resolve, be it remote or onsite assistance whenever required.
  • Acts and operates on a daily bases in full conscience and drive to attain to processes, procedures and to reach internal and external set KPI’s and SLA’s. (Pro)-actively takes the necessary action for identified or potential service disruptions/quality concerns etc. per the according processes and drives for resolution.
  • Actively contributes in the roll out of new products in both delivery and support area. Evaluates delivery processes, writes and delivers training and ensures user/client documentation is up to date.
  • Creates and maintains knowledge articles for both TIER-2 and TIER-1. Ensures the knowledge base is up to date.
  • Facilitates continuous improvement within and beyond the Operations department. Ensures quality control on TIER-1, and takes appropriate actions to improve TIER-1 knowledge.
  • Creates, maintains, analyses and distributes the necessary reports as assigned and drives to create according analyses and assessment reports. Suggest actions to remedy diagnosed issues/trends within the Operations department and beyond.
  • Actively participates, or drive when assigned to, large technology or platform migration projects.
  • Takes initiatives to improve user experience, in whichever shape or form, for new and existing products or procedures.
  • Approaches day to day operations with a professional, driven, flexible and can-do mentality and behaves as a role-model advocating the company, brand in positive and constructive fashion at all times.

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Communication: Strong communication skills.
  • Result Driven: focuses on the delivery of targets, quality and deadlines. Shows strong tenacity until successful goal/result achievement / Level 4.
  • Decision Making: Makes decisions by interpreting the rules.
  • Customer Focus: Fosters a customer-focused culture.
  • Quality: Commits to continuous improvement.
  • Builds Relationships: Is able to build strong professional relationships.
  • Team Player: Promotes team cohesion and acts as a strong key-element within the team encouraging cohesion and team-work.
  • Personal Drive: Takes responsibility for personal development, objective realization and pursues achievement with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Problem Solving: Pro-actively and persistently identifies and deals with issues and opportunities.
  • Innovation: Seeks new, fresh and efficient approaches to handle the business and service management. Pro-actively approaches, involves and engages clients in seeking new approaches.
  • Adaptability: Understands and embraces the need for adaptability to change and demonstration of resilience during change, challenges and uncertainty.
  • Continuous Learning: Is able to identify and addressing personal strengths and weaknesses, developmental needs and changing circumstances to enhance personal and organizational performance.
  • Change: Anticipates change opportunities, drives initiatives by involving key-individuals and resources and secures commitment for change. is capable of working efficiently in a constantly changing environment and within a variety of dynamic work situations.
  • Stress Management: Maintains effectiveness in the face of stress.
  • Business Sense: Has a clear understanding of the organization’s role and how personal performance affects and influences positively and engaged service management. Actively sources for new approaches and opportunities to develop business by being aware of client needs and market changes.
  • Customer Needs Analysis: Is strong in determining customer requirements by analyzing the customer’s industry and core business.
  • Product and Service Catalog Mastery: Shows superior knowledge of products and services.
  • Organisational sensitivity: identifies with the IPNexia values, aligns actions and behaviours with project needs and priorities; works within adherence to procedures, planning, monitoring.
  • Ethics and Integrity: “walks the talk”, abides by business conduct guidelines and ethics; deals appropriately with confidential data.
  • Oral and Written Communications skills: is persuasive, directive and assertive to others; advises and challenges program managers. Is structured and gives accurate and logical information in written reports.
  • Team orientation: builds effective, co-operative relationships with others; good co-operation and synergy with other departments such as Sales, IT & Engineering; deals with diversity.

Required Experience:

  • Master, Bachelor computer science, telecommunications, or equal by experience.
  • Minimum CCNA or equal by experience.
  • Practical Network engineering knowledge and how to interact with a VoIP environment (class 4 – class 5).
  • Experience operating IP telephone platforms such as Cisco, Microsoft or any Centrex Solutions.
  • VoIP call routing/delivery.
  • Network and VOIP quality troubleshooting experience.
  • Familiarity with various IP networking protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP and IP Multicast.
  • Basic knowledge in architectural VOIP & Mobile network design.
  • Basic understanding of Service Desk environments and principals.
  • Ability to multi-task without losing focus of critical details.
  • Ability to excel in a team environment that emphasizes total cooperation and mutual respect.
  • Ownership of strong skills ENG / FR / NL, both written and verbal.

Interested ?

Send your CV and cover letter to:
For more information: 02 / 600 16 39

IPNexia is looking for a Service Desk Agent. You will join a dynamic customer support team and have a responsible, varied and wide ranging role encompassing all aspects of a customer support agent.

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Handles incoming support requests/incidents by any mean or form, supports in the day-to-day operations to secure Service Desk service continuity.
  • Respond to client & user request/incidents with high focus on Customer Satisfaction and positive user experience.
  • Identifies weak, poor, risk links requiring training and coaching in all related areas responsible for and applies company-standard processes and procedures to achieve.
  • (Pro)-actively contributes in writing, maintaining department processes, work-instructions, process-flow etc in collaboration with 2nd line support resources.
  • Supports in creating/modifying necessary elements of a Service Desk training program.
  • Functions as primary interface for escalation follow-up for P1-P2 and all related interaction with Client, Suppliers/Partners, and Internal Departments.

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • A confident and communicative (written and oral) Service Desk Agent.
  • Multi-lingual : customers should be addressed in Dutch, French and English.
  • Experience in a call-center or in a customer service department is a plus. Telecom and IT environment experience highly desirable.
  • Network and VOIP quality troubleshooting experience.
  • Someone who is Multi-task oriented: you'll have to be able to handle phone-calls, administrative and support tasks.
  • Customer-oriented, stress-resistance, empathy, good-listener and diplomatic are essential skills to treat clients complaints.
  • Graduated or equivalent through experience.
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office.

We offer:

  • A responsible, varied role encompassing all aspects of Service Desk Agent.
  • A competitive salary, lunch vouchers, hospitalization insurance.

Interested ?

Send your CV and cover letter to:
For more information: 02 / 600 16 39

IPNexia is currently looking to hire an Account Manager to accelerate the development of its business in the Belgian telecommunication industry. You will join a dynamic sales force team and have a responsible, varied and wide ranging role encompassing all aspects of an Account Manager's role.

Description of Tasks and Responsibilities:

The focus will be Closing of Sales Deals combined with retention management of existing client portfolio. This includes the following responsibilities:

  • New Business:
    Achieve Sales results by focusing on new business and selling a good product mix. Responsible for the closing of large SME and corporate client accounts. Continuously develop the IPNexia activity.
  • Maintain the current client portfolio:
    Optimizing client relationship at all levels.
    Ensure that IPNexia gets a "preferred supplier" status with the selected clients.
  • Qualification:
    Take ownership for own sales performance through the ability to accurately forecast. Effectively prioritise work activities to ensure a balanced pipeline is in place at all times.
  • Sales Administration:
    Updating all working tools in order to reflect the business.
    Ensure maintenance (client portfolio and prospects) of records in all systems, especially CRM, to ensure proper monitoring of activity.

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Experience and proven track record in Value Selling
  • Result driven: take ownership to guarantee quarterly & annual sales results
  • Quality driven: understand the need for quality throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Hunter mentality
  • Ability to understand customer (technical) needs and business drivers
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Telecommunication and ICT Market
  • Ability to work independently
  • Fluent in French and English. Dutch is an asset.
  • Good presentation and communication skills
  • Knowledge of Sales Force or other CRM

Interested ?

Send your CV and cover letter to:
For more information: 02 / 600 16 39

news & press

IPNexia is a major player in VoIP and unified communication solutions in Belgium. The purpose of the 2 million euro increase in its capital is to finance major investment and develop the company's activities.

IPNexia, a VoIP (Voice over IP) and IP solutions integrator based in Diegem, increased its capital by 2 million euros at the start of June.

2016 started well for IPNexia with the key being the arrival of several important new customers, the arrival of new products such as SmartCom (a Microsoft Skype for Business based solution) and a recent partnership for the use of new Data Centres in Luxembourg. The purpose of the recent increase in capital is to support the company's development and allow IPNexia to position itself even further as one of the best integrators in Belgium.

For Hugues Taittinger, Chairman of the IPNexia Board of Directors:

"The IPNexia development strategy is bearing fruit. This increase in capital is part of this positive line and its purpose is to support the development of IPNexia".

For Michel Coric, IPNexia CEO:

"2016 will be an excellent year in terms of the development of Voice over IP. Our customers installed base in this technology is not ceasing to increase and the churn of ageing technologies has considerably slowed. Finally, 2016 proves to be a financial year where IPNexia confirms is equilibrium and positive EBITDA"

About IPNexia:

IPNexia is one of Belgium's best integrators and operators, offering VOIP IP convergence solutions for businesses. IPNexia responds to all B2B market communications needs: our range of services offers solutions in different domains such as networks (Internet, VPN, …), telephony (VoIP, Mobile, Cloud…), collaboration, IT services, telecomms services and major integration projects.

Le positionnement d'IP Nexia, en tant que « intégropérateur™ », est unique en son genre puisque la société agit à la fois comme un intégrateur ICT, comme opérateur en VoIP ou comme opérateur Mobile. Cette combinaison permet de proposer à ses clients un panel complet de solutions de pointe en matière de Cloud, de mobile, de connectivité IP et de convergence.

La mission d'IP Nexia ne se limite cependant pas à fournir des solutions, des produits et des services. IP Nexia se positionne également comme un partenaire à long terme pouvant conseiller tous types de sociétés.

Pour Michel Coric, administrateur délégué d'IP Nexia, pas de doute, « IP Nexia prouve désormais aisément sa capacité à conseiller des organisations corporate en proposant des solutions personnalisées et technologiques, voire avant-gardistes ».

Ce qui suppose d'être en permanence à l'écoute des besoins des clients et, le cas échéant, de leur offrir de nouveaux produits ou de nouvelles solutions. Dernier exemple en date : la collaboration avec Therabel.

Société pharmaceutique privée, fondée en 1945, Therabel s'est depuis déployée en Europe et spécialisée dans la distribution de médicaments. Pour Therabel, la clé du succès requiert un haut niveau d'engagement vis-à-vis de ses partenaires.

Lorsqu'il a fallu envisager une remise en ordre des serveurs et des services informatiques belges, IP Nexia s'est imposée naturellement. Parce qu'elle offrait un ensemble de services complémentaires couvrant la VoIP, les solutions mobiles, la connectivité IP ou l'externalisation des serveurs dans une solution de Cloud ; le tout avec une intégration et une convergence de ces solutions.

Marco Barazzoni, Directeur financier du groupe Therabel, explique : « Avant, tout était morcelé et les prestataires trop nombreux. Nous avons voulu nous inscrire dans une démarche plus intégrée afin de nous permettre d'avoir une vue d'ensemble et de nous offrir un pilotage plus aisé. »

Le succès de cette opération réside dans le fait qu'on ne voit pas de changement au niveau des bases de données et que cela reste accessible à un utilisateur lambda. Par contre, cela permet aux collaborateurs de Therabel de se décharger de contraintes techniques et d'affiner clairement leurs besoins.

« Nous n'avons pas attendu d'être confrontés à une situation catastrophique pour agir. Mais nous nous félicitons tous les jours d'avoir opté pour le service intégré d'IP Nexia. Nos collaborateurs font face à une infrastructure plus réactive notamment grâce aux qualités du help desk! »

Sans parler de l'aspect de la sécurité qui se doit d'être le plus optimal possible à l'heure où les technologies évoluent très rapidement. Marco Barazzoni conclut : « je suis convaincu que nous avons fait le bon choix car cela apportera beaucoup dans les années à venir pour la pérennité de l'infrastructure. »

Car Therabel envisage à plus ou moins court terme de faire bénéficier l'ensemble de ses filiales internationales du même outsourcing !
This new Website confirms IPNexia's ambition to be THE IP Convergence enabler on the B2B Market.

As best in class Integroperator™ enabling converged IP solutions for the business market, IPNexia's position is unique, simply because it is acting as an ICT integrator as well as a Telecom Operator.

This Integrator-Operator combination allows IPNexia to offer to professional clients a complete range of advanced solutions related to IP Convergence, Unified Communications, VoIP and videoconference.

IPNexia's mission however is not limited to providing solutions, products and services. IPNexia creates a long term partnership for both the SME market and larger companies from 50 up to 1.000 internal or external staff members.

According to Michel Coric, Administrator of IPNexia, there is no doubt that "IPNexia now easily proves its ability to advise corporate organizations by offering them custom made or even pioneering IP solutions"

IPNexia continues to meet all B2B communication needs: Their range of services target responsible growth in networks, telephony, mobility, collaboration, IT services, Telecom services and large projects. IPNexia has 50 people staff split between 2 offices in Diegem and Ghent, serving over 6500 business customers.

To consolidate its position and growth, IPNexia has also recruited Patrick Maquoi acting as new Sales Director. Patrick Maquoi has a proven track record in Telecom and ICT. He worked for several companies like Ricoh, Telenet, Zenitel etc.: The right man at the right place.

With IPNexia, the success of its customers runs through IP….
L’opérateur belge Toledo Telecom est en passe de terminer le processus de mutation qui l’a fait devenir un partenaire des entreprises. Lesquelles ? "Nous visons le haut de gamme des PME et le bas de la gamme des grandes entreprises, essentiellement. C’est un positionnement dans lequel nous n’avons pratiquement pas de concurrents", nous explique Michel Coric.
S’adapter, changer, se remettre en question, déménager et enfin, changer de nom. Voilà en quelques mots résumée la trajectoire suivie ces dernières années par la petite entreprise belge de télécoms Toledo...

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Le challenger des télécoms, autrefois reseller, s’est construit un positionnement B2B unique au fort potentiel

Toledo Telecom annonce son changement de nom et opte résolument pour IPNexia (IP + nexios), qui illustre l’art de combiner les solutions IP. Après deux années de mutation marquées, entre autres, par l’arrivée de Michel Coric à la tête de l’entreprise, son partenariat avec Belgacom et son choix stratégique pour le B2B, Toledo Telecom souhaite à présent concrétiser son changement de stratégie et son positionnement unique d’intégropérateur (intégrateur + opérateur) pour qui les communications unifiées, la Voice over IP et de la vidéoconférence sont les spécialités. Toledo Telecom ne pouvait pas trouver meilleure date que le 16 avril, Journée Mondiale de la Voix, pour annoncer son changement de nom et commencer une nouvelle histoire. Son nouveau nom IPNexia constitue l’association du monde IP qui constitue le coeur de son métier et du mot latin nexios qui signifie nouer, joindre, lier. L’art de combiner les solutions IP, tel est le message que souhaite désormais porter ce challenger du secteur.

Deux années de mutation vers un positionnement unique

Il y a près de 2 ans, peu de temps après avoir pris la tête de Toledo Telecom, Michel Coric déclarait « Nous sommes convaincus que Toledo Telecom peut et doit jouer un rôle prépondérant sur le marché B2B. Mon ambition est claire: créer à court terme un nouveau prestataire de solutions télécom intégrées end-to-end pour le B2B. Ce positionnement fera de nous un acteur unique sur le marché belge ».

Toujours convaincu du bienfondé de ce changement de direction, Michel Coric, qui peut se targuer d’une vaste expertise dans les télécom et particulièrement dans le B2B, a maintenu le cap sur cette nouvelle stratégie depuis la mi-2011 et a opéré les changements qui s’imposaient, étape par étape.

Les principaux jalons de cette mutation furent tout d’abord sa collaboration étroite avec la société AndreXen, éditeur de logiciels réputé, ensuite son acquisition d’Openweb, spécialiste du cloud computing, en 2011, et enfin son contrat de collaboration avec le géant Belgacom-Proximus, disposant d’une infrastructure de qualité, en 2012. A cela, s’est ajouté la même année un virage B2B lorsque Toledo Telecom a cédé son portefeuille de clients résidentiels à un autre opérateur. Parallèlement à l’amélioration de son environnement technologique, Toledo Telecom n’a cessé de mettre l’accent sur la dimension humaine qui lui était propre, avec une équipe de 55 collaborateurs dédiés et proches de leurs clients.

Une stratégie gagnante pour sa cible B2B

Voilà comment IPNexia est entré définitivement dans la cour des grands en un laps de temps réduit et comment elle s’est approprié un positionnement unique en son genre d’intégropérateur (intégrateur-opérateur) capable de proposer un panel complet de solutions à réelle valeur ajoutée tout en assurant service et qualité.

Le but étant de s’adresser essentiellement au haut de gamme des PME et à certaines TGE (très grandes entreprises) bien ciblées, tout l’enjeu de cette transformation était de se professionnaliser davantage pour répondre aux besoins propres de ce type de clients et de proposer une offre intégrée et performante.

Michel Coric explique « IPNexia prouve désormais aisément sa capacité à conseiller des organisations corporate en proposant des solutions personnalisées et technologiques, voire avant-gardistes. Nous comptons aujourd’hui 6000 clients B2B et nous enrichissons constamment ce portefeuille avec une croissance importante en Flandre. Ce repositionnement donne déjà des résultats et se traduit par le gain de nouveaux contrats d’ampleur. »

A lui d’ajouter: « Nous pouvons par ailleurs nous targuer d’une situation financière exemplaire, avec un chiffre d’affaires 2013 estimé à 15 millions d’euros, un cash-flow positif, un bénéfice courant (EBITDA) positif, et aucune dette. »

A propos de IPNexia

IPNexia est un prestataire de solutions télécom intégrées end-to-end pour le B2B. Cette entreprise belge indépendante s’est construit un positionnement unique d’intégrateur ICT et d’opérateur télécom. Elle s’adresse au haut de gamme des PME et à certaines TGE (très grandes entreprises) bien ciblées. Son coeur de métier est composé de solutions à la pointe en matière de communications unifiées, de Voice over IP et de
vidéoconférence. IPNexia a pour mission d’offrir des services de la plus haute qualité, depuis le conseil jusqu’à l’implémentation, pour jouer un rôle de véritable partenaire sur le long terme.

La société a été fondée en 1997 sous le nom de Toledo Telecom. Elle a ensuite opéré un virage stratégique entre 2011 et 2013 qui l’a conduite à un changement de nom. IPNexia compte aujourd’hui 55 collaborateurs et a un chiffre d’affaires de plus de 13 millions en 2012. IPNexia a par ailleurs construit des partenariats avec Belgacom-Proximus et AndreXen.
Michel Coric, manager philosophe

Michel Coric, diplômé en philosophie, poursuit une carrière de 15 ans dans les télécommunications. Il est récemment devenu administrateur délégué de Toledo Telecom.

Fin 2010, Michel Coric a troqué sa vie de Londonien globe-trotter pour un retour dans son Ixelles natal, tout en passant d'un poste à responsabilités à un autre...

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L'opérateur/intégrateur de solutions de télécommunications IP Nexia (chiffre d'affaires 2013 : 11 millions d'euros) vient de boucler l'acquisition de Unified Telecom. Fondée à Gand en 2009, Unified Telecom est une société en pleine croissance : elle devrait générer un chiffre d'affaires d'1 million d'euros cette année, en hausse de pratiquement 70% par rapport à 2013. Unified Telecom est un opérateur en telecommunication spécialisé dans la fourniture de solutions de télécommunications et de réseau destinés aux entreprises, en particulier les PME, mais aussi le secteur associatif et le secteur de l'éducation. Ses solutions de téléphonie s'inscrivent exclusivement dans l'environnement VoIP, un environnement que maîtrise parfaitement IP Nexia.

« Cette acquisition constitue une nouvelle étape importante dans le développement d'IP Nexia, insiste Michel Coric, administrateur délégué d'IP Nexia. Unified Telecom dispose d'une intéressante clientèle en Flandre – plus de 400 sociétés et institutions – et d'un réseau d'une vingtaine de partenaires commerciaux et d'excellents collaborateurs. Cette acquisition va permettre à IP Nexia d'accélérer le développement de ses activités en Flandre en bénéficiant des compétences de Tim De Geyter, qui a largement développé Unified Telecom. ». Tim De Geyter intègrera d'ailleurs immédiatement l'équipe de Management d'IP Nexia.

Pour Tim De Geyter, « cette acquisition s'inscrit dans une logique qui fait sens pour nos clients et partenaires à qui nous allons pouvoir offrir une plus grande palette de produits. Ensemble avec IPNexia, nous serons désormais plus forts face à la concurrence et nous aurons un positionnement plus large et plus profond sur le marché belge ».

Les clients actuels de Unified Telecom, tout en gardant leurs produits et services notamment les produits Hosted and Virtual PBX, pourront naturellement bénéficier de la large gamme de services et solutions de télécommunications développés par IP Nexia.
  • Les produits et les solutions mobiles (téléphonie mobile, Internet mobile, applications sur mobile, etc.) développés au travers d'un partenariat privilégié avec Proximus;
  • des solutions de « communications unifiées » qui réunissent en une seule solution tous les canaux de communication de l'entreprise (téléphonie, vidéoconférence, e-mail, messagerie instantanée);
  • les solutions de virtualisation, c'est-à-dire le « cloud computing », qui permet aux entreprises d'accéder à leurs applications, leurs données et leurs services, partout et tout le temps, quelle que soit la fonction ou la localisation de leurs collaborateurs;
  • les solutions réseau : IP Nexia aide l'entreprise à construire un réseau robuste, sécurisé et flexible, tout en étant capable d'intégrer la voix, la vidéo, les données et toutes les applications critiques pour l'activité de l'entreprise;
  • les solutions sans fil, qui garantissent aux employés de l'entreprise cliente un accès optimal au réseau sans fil (Wifi), où qu'ils se trouvent dans les bureaux de leur société et quelle que soit l'architecture des bâtiments.
Pour conclure, Michel Coric insiste sur le fait que « cette acquisition va nous permettre de consolider notre positionnement carrier-grade VoIP sur le marché belge et de continuer à nous affirmer comme le meilleur et le plus professionnel des fournisseurs VoIP en Belgique ».